Lifestyle, flat-lays, mockups...
All created with a creative direction following your vibe and style to get strategic content to polish your brand and attract your ideal clients.

Custom Branded Stock Photography
to match your brand aesthetic

You're not alone. Generic stock photos might be easy to find, but they rarely capture the essence of your unique brand.

And let's be real, your audience can spot a generic photo from a mile away, and it might just make them scroll past you. Ouch!

Ever scrolled through stock photo websites and thought, "None of these really feel like my brand?"

  • Professional images that reflect who you are and speak to your ideal clients following your brand strategy. 
  • A collection of branded photos for your content creation needs, like promos, blog posts, social media, your website, printed materials, and all other client touch points.
  • Photos that match your brand and even incorporate your products for a professional look that converts.

Then I think you just found the perfect photographper for you

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Consistency is Key: With custom stock photos, you get a cohesive look across all platforms. Whether it's your website, social media, or marketing materials, everything feels unmistakably you.

Strategic & Beautiful: As a brand strategist and photographer, I don't just aim for pretty. I aim for purposeful. Every shot is designed to not only look good but to also drive your brand's message home.

Tailored to You: Unlike generic stock photos, our custom branded photography is crafted to resonate with your brand's aesthetic. It's like getting a bespoke suit versus off-the-rack. One just fits better, right?

This Service is built for Visionaries Like You Who Want to Stand Out in the Crowd

this is perfect for:

Coaches/Educators - Leveling up your visuals.

Social media managers/strategists - Look good, gain trust.

Bloggers - Position yourself in the web.

PR Agencies - Brand awareness #ftw

Creative solopreneurs - Easy and effective content creation.

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Packages to suit your needs


  • Creative direction
  • Prop sourcing
  • 25 Final images
  • Private delivery gallery
  • Commercial use

Creator Package


  • Creative Direction
  • Prop sourcing
  • 30+ Final images
  • Private delivery gallery
  • Commercial use

Content Planner


  • Creative direction + In person shoot
  • Prop sourcing
  • 50+ Final images
  • Private delivery gallery
  • Commercial use
  • $500 credit towards travel expenses departing from San Diego, CA

Jet Setter

We will plan your session according to your brand and I'll create a photo shoot strategy and share with you the creative direction prior to our shoot to ensure the vision aligns. If you need a custom package, promo graphics, reels, etc, let's chat about a custom quote.

What clients are saying...

"Ingrid goes above and beyond for her clients. The process was so easy and fun, and I love everything she created for me. No one else is going to have the same amazing photos, and I’m glad I have plenty that represent my brand and myself."


The creative process

1. Consultation: I'll get to know you and your brand better, we'll discuss your photo needs and how can we create a set with a strategy to achieve your goals. Here's we'll determine what images do you need: lifestyle, mockups, flat-lays or a mix!

2. Planning: If you are sending specific props to be included, you can send them at this point. I will be creating a plan for the creative direction of the shoot.

3. Shoot time! After the inspiration has been set, the props sourced (and the products have arrived in case we are shooting them) I will be shooting your new branded images. 

4. Delivery: As soon as your images are ready you'll receive a private online gallery to download your beautiful new images! It takes about two weeks to get them to you.

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Hi, hello, and a little note:

You see, most photographers have a signature style. You pick one that matches your vibe. But here's where I'm different: I adapt to your style. Your brand's vibe becomes my guide. It's all about making your brand shine in its truest form.

By the way, I'm Ingrid, visual brand strategist, photographer, and creative director; and I want to say "cheers"! Cheers to streamlining your content creation process. Cheers to having a polished and professional online presence.

Because you have better things to do than make time trying to find the right images online to look authentic, or even the right props and settings to get your brand's message consistently (and beautifully) portrayed.

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