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"I love how real and beautiful the photos from Atelier21 Co. are, and the mockup templates are so perfect for helping me promote my opt ins."

- Vanessa Ryan of

" I can’t say enough how much I loved having a brand shoot with Ingrid! It was the absolute best experience, she has an amazing eye for photography and for posing. Plus I love how she edits the photos based on my brand and not hers, which absolutely sold me on her! I can’t wait for my next shoot with her!"

- Liz Strong of


noun [at-l-yey]

"A workshop or studio, especially of an artist, artisan, or designer."

The meaning couldn't be more fitting. I'm here to help you hone your brand and creative knowledge by providing you with professional stock photos, Showit templates, and guides to save you time and make your business look polished and professional. Welcome to Atelier21 Co. 

Who's behind all this?

Oh hey! I'm Ingrid, visual brand strategist, Showit designer, photographer, and creative director; and I want to say "cheers"! Cheers to streamlining your content creation process. Cheers to having a polished and professional online presence.

Because you have better things to do than make time trying to find the right images online to look authentic, or even the right props and settings to get your brand's message consistently (and beautifully) portrayed.

My friend, this is all about helping you elevate your brand while saving you time and effort. That is worth toasting for!

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