Adding multiple Flodesk forms on the same page

In order to use the same form you will simply use the same code and add a little string of character! Let’s see how that looks like:

  1. Paste your code provided by Flodesk

2. Then you will copy into your site, where you want the form to show (this is assuming you already have the form on that page, so this is a second embed) and find the FORM ID number.

Here you will attach a dash and a SHORT string of characters, on the FIRST LINE after the FORM ID like so:

3. Then, you will find the FORM ID again, at the 5th line of code, or simply look for the last instance where the FORM ID is mentioned, and add the same identical sting of characters, like so:

4. Done! This allows your form embed code to be used multiple times on the same page. If you need to add the form more than 2 times, imply change the string of character for the following items you embed them.

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