Showit website templates mockup by Atelier21 Co

Atelier21 Co.’s Showit Website Templates: Built for conversion

It’s no secret how much using Showit for my websites has helped me grow my businesses. To have the freedom to do almost anything I need, from providing information for my services, connect with those who I serve, open up a shop, and even run a membership. There are some instances where I do not recommend Showit (think complex situations or sites). I started as a user almost 10 years ago, and fast forward to today, now I’m a certified Design Partner with Showit because I saw how flexible they were and how easy they are to upkeep. Now you get to get a Showit website template created to convert with a custom feel.

For real, easy. When you think about getting your website up and running a bunch of questions might start popping up:

How do I even start? What about hosting? Should I do custom? How expensive will this be? I am not even sure I’m ready for a website.

Well, you’ll be delighted to know:

• Showit website accounts come with hosting included ✅
• The Showit platform is drag and drop, literally what you see is what you get ✅
• As a designer, I will always say custom is king, but when you’re starting your business and you want to upgrade (or even start) your website experience, a Showit website template will be the answer to your needs. ✅

I’ve gotten some questions on social about Showit and the templates so I want to address those and help you make an educated decision to get your website up, running, and helping you close sales!

Showit templates are easy to customize to your needs and brand

No joke. Showit is a drag and drop type of builder. You can grab any of the elements on the page and move it around to any place you want.

Want to change an image? Click, select new, done. 😉

To update the template and make it truly yours, add your brand colors! How? Easy! Showit has a “Design Settings” where you can add your own colors and fonts.

Get a template built to convert

Just because you’re not having a designer custom build a site for you, it doesn’t mean your website should lack strategy. Our Showit website templates are crafted with the same strategies I use with my $5k custom clients. And for those looking to start monetizing with a digital shop, we have some that come ready with the page templates you’ll need.

Each template is complete with pages that will help you give your audience the best experience. Also, you know how I’m always saying that growing your email list is super important? Well, we have some templates that come ready with our Landing Page bundle customized to fit the template vibe! Having a freebie landing page you can use over and over will save you so much time, and the Thank you and Trip Wire pages will help you elevate the experience even more.

Nerd talk moment: The pages are structured with the correct calls to action to move your audience further into your funnel. Even the menus are structured in the best way to navigate and move them in a simple yet guided way.

Remember this is your online home, you will give your audience the tour, you decide where they go and how they enter into your funnel to ultimately get them to send that inquiry, buy that product, or whatever your ultimate goal is!

Looking for a Showit template for your website? Take a peek at my new templates in the shop!

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