Brand Strategy and Psychology Workbook

The guide you need to craft a successful brand that fits your goals and converts

Make your brand irresistible to your ideal clients with the right message and assets. This guide is full of content broken into 4 weeks of my exact process with my branding studio clients.


As the owner and lead designer over at Penguin Designing, where I help creative entrepreneurs to build their brands for success with a strategic plan to reach their goals, I know how hard it can be to just "get it right".  This guide is built from my exact strategy and processes I take with my clients to create the brands they need. 

Inside the guide you'll see 4 phases, which I have laid out to be able to be covered as soon as you want or in a week per phase. So really, your new brand clarity and strategy will be ready in 4 weeks. Finally. No more feeling stuck with a brand that doesn't match your goals!

I recommend printing this guide or using it with a table so you can write on it, but feel free to grab a new pretty notebook from Target and write it all out! 

We'll cover:

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