How to create a scrolling video mockup in Photoshop

Creating a scrolling mockup in Photoshop requires you to have a way to record your screen, I like using Quicktime Player on my mac or Loom, and an idea of what you want your end result to be like.

Are you using a stock image as a background? Or maybe just the cutout of a computer on a plain color background (branded color preferably!)

Here’s the breakdown step by step:

  1. Open up Photoshop and setup your background

    Here is where you decide if you’ll be using a stock image or setting up a plain background.

    For this example I’m going to be using a stock image from our Fresh offices collection inside the Atelier21 Co Styled Stock library!

  2. Drag and drop your .mp4 video file into Photoshop

    By dragging and dropping it into Photoshop you’ll see it act just as another layer, nothing fancy. Then size it to match the size of the screen.

  3. Go to Window > Timeline to show the timeline feature in Photoshop

    It will ask you if you want a video timeline or frame animation, choose video.

  4. Make the layers in the timeline all the same length to match the length of the video!

    Your video will have a set duration, if the other layers don’t match it will look off, so simply grab the right end of the layers inside the timeline and click + drag to make them match the duration of the video layer.

  5. Now go to File > Export > Render Video

    Now that your video is places and the layer all match the length of the video, you are ready to export the video! Select a location and save it 🙂

A video tutorial on how to create your scrolling mockup

And tada! 🎉 Your scrolling mockup is ready to use! I turned mine into a gif, but I use the video version rendered from Photoshop in Instagram since GIFs are not supported there.

How can you use a scrolling mockup?

Oh in so many ways! Scrolling mockups are a great way to showcase your new website, show an offer, add a dynamic element to your sales page, give a sneak peek inside a program or membership, or simply for fun!

These are great to use on both your website and social media (and even email marketing if you create a gif since video is not a supported element on an email).

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