How to plan for a brand photoshoot to set you apart

Struggling to rear your pretty head through the mass of professionals in your industry? I got ya, girl! We all know that getting visible in your business is crucial when you want to upscale and show up as your best self.
When we conduct business, we always do things with a purpose and a plan, why should that stop at your branded photography? Your branded photography needs to be a true reflection of you and how you choose to show up in the world.

Let’s dig into how a visual plan can set you apart in your industry:

Brand equals personality

When you see a branded image of something, the first thought that pops into your head is normally “wow, I like that!” or you just go “meh”. That immediate split decision is how quick it is to buy into a brand. People are either immediately attracted or they are not and it is all based on this split decision.

Your high quality branded images should capture your personality and your soul. This is where visual planning comes in, there should always be a strategy behind what you want to attract. Taking extra care to have your images be on-brand by planning ahead can make that split decision that much easier for potential clients and easier for you to attract your ideal clients. (Just what I do for all my Photographer on Tap clients)

Get that clear strategic plan in place

Before you have your professional shots taken get clear on what you would need the shots for, what angles you would need to consider and how many shots you would need of various varieties. Consider things like lighting, props, your brand touchpoints the consistent tones you would need to convey throughout. Think about all the things that resonate with the message you are trying to convey.

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These are some of the things that you want to consider and plan before having your photography done and these are the things you would need to communicate with your photographer beforehand. Share your mood board, talk about what would be the best location for you to take shots in and select your outfits and prep yourself, my friend!

Showing up

Selfies and other daily shots that you have taken yourself are all good and well but this is generally the point where people tend to throw aesthetics out the window. It is totally fine to show candid images of yourself on your social media pages but when it comes to your business website or your business platforms this is where you want to show your clients you mean business. This is where you show up with your brand of visually planned photos that show off your business and everything that you need to convey to your clients about your brand in a cohesive strategically thought out layout. This will keep you one step ahead of the curve.

Plan and prepare to show up confidently and you will be rewarded greatly.

Have you ever planned a branded photoshoot before? What are your expectations of the photographer? Let’s connect on Instagram and DM me all your thoughts!

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