How to use stock photo mockups in Canva

When you create opt-ins, digital products, designs, workbooks, ebooks, etc. the idea is to show them in the best light so people can see the time and effort you’ve put into them, right? Because let’s be real for a second, if an image doesn’t stop your scrolling on Pinterest, you are never going to even consider clicking on it. Bummer. That was a great piece of content you would have benefitted from. But let’s pin it down (no pun intended, ha!) to why would you even consider stopping in the middle of your Pinterest scroll. The main reason: a pretty graphic. And what is that thing that everyone says? “An image is worth a thousand words…” Well, as cheesy as it sounds, it’s oh so very true! And mockups for your digital products are exactly worth that.

[one_half]How to use mockups inside of Canva with no Photoshop skills required.[/one_half]

Use Mockups to your advantage

If you had a professional image of your digital product, all styled and ready to show off, wouldn’t that be the best? But who really has time to print off their digital product, and not jus ton any paper, but a sturdier and prettier kind to keep it all nice and steady. Plus planning a little shoot and sourcing all the props to match it… Yeah, I see you getting overwhelmed. This post right here is meant to shake that off and give you a little peace of mind the next time you think of sharing your digital product with the world and all with one super easy tool: professional stock photo mockups.

When you show a polished and professional image to showcase your digital product you are telling your audience “hey, I take this seriously and I am all in, I am providing you with quality right here.” We are in a visual market. We are convinced and won over by pretty pictures any time over a lengthy description of why this product is the best thing ever.

Using mockups in Canva

Canva is a very popular tool among the creatives. Including Adobe Suite pros and not so pros. Really, even if you are an ace at Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator, you might want to whip a quick graphic in Canva and save some time. Now, how can we use Canva to create mockups? Easy. When you have a stock image that is prepared to be a mockup, you have the right dimensions of a frame, a piece of paper, iPhone, iPad… you name it. Remember the key element here is efficiency.  These mockups will save you time and it’s extremely easy to create your next marketing piece to get your digital product out there.

Here’s a little video to help you see it all in action:

Take it to the next level

So one thing I will say: consistency is key. Make sure you are looking polished all over, not just on your next professional mockup graphic, but in every graphic you put out there. You have a business that deserves to be treated as professional as you are. You are creating a name for your brand and the reality is that depending on what you put out there on every audience-touch-point, that’s what will become your reputation.

Take the time to make sure your brand awareness is being carefully planned: use your brand’s fonts, your brand’s color palette, always point to your website, use the same tone of voice to keep speaking to your target audience. Be consistent. Show up in your best “you”. This is your image, and I bet you want it to be extraordinary. 💙

Grab a free mockup bundle and take it for a spin

I really want you to have a polished looking brand, so go ahead, grab this free bundle of stock photos and mockups to create consistent marketing materials for your digital products.


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