Watch this training to learn the key strategy points behind curating your IG feed in a way that matches your brand and delivers your message! (My geeky brand designer brain can't contain the excitement of sharing how to curate authentically pretty feeds).

This is the exact process I do for my two businesses (were Instagram brings actual paying clients) and my own clients' feeds!

I'll be showing you the theory AND applying it to 2 real businesses. Also don't be a stranger, let's connect on IG!

Tune in and start by learning  the key points and then, watch me apply it to 2 real Instagram feeds

I'm Ingrid, the owner and designer over at Penguin Designing where I help solopreneurs build brands and Showit websites that makes them stand out in their industry and the main photographer behind Atelier21 Co. I combine my experience, skills, and expertise to give you content that will save you time and make your business look polished and professional. 

Oh, have we met before?

When I'm not sipping on some chocolate peppermint tea or playing video games with my hubby, I'm shooting new collections for our members and creating new tutorials and freebies for you to have the best looking brand ever. 

xo, Ingrid