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You're a wild ride with a mix of awesome times.

Your audience can always find a new awesome coffee shop to visit based on your recommendations. And your brand must be a cutting-edge, never afraid to make a statement. Showcase those boss vibes with a curated 9 grid bundle ready to plug-n-play into your Instagram feed. 

Mix it up with some awesome selfies in that super hip joint (extra points if they are pro headshots portraying you right in your element!) maybe even some quotes and bam! Grid planned!

We personally use the Preview App and we love it. If you want to use it to keep your grid keeping all pretty and consistent we suggest using filters A3, C5 or A8 to make sure your images have lot's of texture and white space to balance it out.

Ideally you can continue your pretty feed bringing in lots of urban feels, pops of neutrals with lots of white space, and you know a pop of color to balance things out!

Check the resources below to help you keep a polished feed

I think you'll love this.

A stock photo library with enough variety of styles (because not everyone looks good in pink and gold), enough images to never run out of content (there are over 1800+ images inside the member exclusive library?). Make your brand look polished + professional.

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We use the Preview App to schedule & plan our feed. (No affiliate link, just love for this awesome app!)

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