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September dates to note

In case you need a little inspiration for posting...

1 Cherry Popover Day
2 Labour Day
3 Skyscraper Day
4 Wildlife Day
5 Cheese Pizza Day
7 World Beard Day
8 Star Trek Day
9 Teddy Bear Day
12 Video Games Day
14 Cream Filled Doughnut Day
15 International Red Panda Day

16 Guacamole Day
18 Cheese Burger Day
19 Talk Like a Pirate Day
21 World Gratitude Day
26 Fitness Day
27 Hug a Vegetarian Day
30 International
Podcast Day

Photoshop Mockups How-To

Inside the Library there are plenty of mockups, most of them I shoot straight up so you can just drop your image or screenshoot on top and line it up nicely in a platform like Canva. But there are some .PSD files in there that are meant to work with Photoshop with some advance placement features (and even some color changes.)

Here's how to use them in Photoshop in less than 10 minutes.

Installing mobile presets

Our new presets have hit your dashboard and are ready for download! Here's a video showing you how to install them.

1.- Save the presets on a cloud storage like Dropbox so your Lightroom mobile app has access to them. These are on a special DNG file, so your phone will not be able to read them.

2.- Open up Lightroom Mobile on your phone, go to add a new image and select your folder where the preset files live.

3.- Select the photos with DNG extension and let them import.

4.- Tap the top 3 dots on the top right, and select "Create preset". 

5.- Enjoy! Now you can import your photos into Lr Mobile and apply your new created preset :)

Download the presets

Find your vibe.

Take the quiz

Make the most out of your visual strategy and find your ideal brand vibe. This quiz was developed to find clarity for our clients when we create brands and Showit websites over at Penguin Designing. Fun, short and sweet it will give you a result based on color psychology. Then you can use the guide below to view images by the filter that suits you best.

vibes by colors

Winter vibe
Summer vibe
Urban Rockstar
Minimalist Lover

Black + Neutrals

Spring vibe
Summer vibe
Flower Child
Urban Rockstar

Blues + Teals

Spring vibe
Summer vibe
Flower Child
Sweet Fem
Minimalist Lover

Pinks + Purples

Spring vibe
Summer vibe
Flower Child
Sweet Fem

Yellows + Browns

If you prefer to view the library filtering by color, here's a reference guide to help you find your ideal images faster. The vibes listed under each color filter is what you are most likely to find.

For those who have taken our IG grid quiz, you can find your vibe as either "Urban Rockstar" for those bold images, "Minimalist Lover" for the calm and clean images, "Sweet Fem" for those with a touch of femininity or "Flower Child" for images with a relaxed, colorful vibe.

For those who take the quiz listed above to find their ideal brand vibe, you'll see either "Winter", "Summer", "Spring" or "Autumn" listed below. These are just a quick guide, so feel free to explore!

Spring vibe
Summer vibe
Flower Child
Urban Rockstar

Reds + Peaches

Spring vibe
Summer vibe
Flower Child
Minimalist Lover

Greens + Mints

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I want to hear your opinion! New collections get shot every month and added to the library. Wouldn't it be nice to have something you've been craving? Most definitely.

I keep a list of the suggestions I get and the ones with the most requests get to be created first.

Use this form to let me know if you have suggestions for new collections to be created!

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