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Why I left Convertkit for Flodesk

This post contains an affiliate link to Flodesk, by which you lock in your price at 50% off forever, and I get a commission at no cost to you. All of these are my real opinions from using the system.

If you had to sacrifice beauty for function, you would, right? We all want a high performing system. And Convertkit was really good to me, they are a great platform… But I was getting so close to paying on the next tier, and having to play around with code every time I wanted to create a new template was not my definition of efficiency.

Enter Flodesk. This woman-led business was the answer to my battle between pretty and functional. I trialed it after a friend pointed me to it… Guys, I did not last even 5 minutes before I signed up (my trial lasted 5 minutes 😂 ).

If you’ve been around enough you know I am big on strategy, efficiency, and not wasting time. So let me tell you: Flodesk might have been a new software, but the learning curve was so “small” due to how amazingly friendly and intuitive the user experience is. And yes, I notice that with my web designer brain, I can’t shut it off.

Let me show you just how clean and minimalist but perfectly pretty Flodesk is.

First, you are greeted with an Emails section and here you’ll have all your scheduled, sent, drafted, and archived emails.

Flodesk email section preview with individual preview of each email in the archive.

Then you have your pretty Audience, Forms, and Workflow sections and every single one is as clean and organized as the other:

Flodesk - Workflow section preview
Flodesk forms section preview

Reason #1: It helps me see things exactly where I need them.

I’m not kidding. I think Convertkit is on to something, but it just keeps looking “corporate” and when I sit down to write an email and I take the time to pick the photos and create some graphics for it… I want to keep that inspired journey. I want my real words to flow.

With Flodesk I see what I need to see in a perfectly organized way. And it’s pretty.

Reason #2: The visual builder

I think this is a huge one for me. I had my template all saved in HTML for Convertkit, but then it was time to update something… and off to edit the code I go. I don’t like code, the code doesn’t like me, so why are we doing this again? Oh yeah, because we are enamored by good design and we want our audience to feel the love and the effort we are pouring into our communication with them.

So, yes. Having a visual builder for the emails, the email templates, the forms, the workflows… Everything really, makes my creative brain happy and my audience will be able to have a better connection with my content. No more battles just to get a nice (read, decent) button in my emails ( I send so many freebies… There is always the need for a button or two 🤦‍♀️ .

Reason #3: Flodesk has a 1 tier payment plan. One. No penalty for growing your email list.

I’m serious, and this is a big one: Flodesk is $38 a month, for unlimited everything. Want to grow past that 2K mark? Go ahead. There is no penalty for being a good business owner and growing your email list. That is the one price you’ll ever pay… Well, you can actually lock it in at the Private Beta price of $19 forever if you sign up with my link right here.

Or just use code “PENGUIN”.

Unlimited everything for $19 with Flodesk.

That’s right, you can actually have unlimited everything for just $19. That is insane… And I have so many feelings (good ones) about being a Beta user because it means we get to see the platform grow to become more and more effective, and more of what we actually need because let me tell you: the CEO, Martha, and the Chief Creative Officer, Rebecca, are amazing humans, and even more amazing business owners who actually care about their customers. They are so responsive, they are so involved. I am seriously happy to be supporting this company because they care. I am not just “one more number” in their system. So when I share my link with you, I do so because I truly believe this is going to be a game-changer to our industry and how women create and grow their email marketing.

Let me give you an in-depth look of the back end and walk you through creating your first email:

I really feel you’ll love it just as much as I do. And just for the sake of keeping up with this, I will be sharing more over on Instagram about how the deliverability numbers and open rates go compared to what I used to have in Convertkit, so follow along and let’s connect!

Try Flodesk and lock in your price at $19 for unlimited everything, for as long as you are a member.

Bonus: how to embed Flodesk in Elementor

Bonus: How to embed Flodesk in your Showit website

Why I left Convertkit for Flodesk | and indepth look at the behind the scenes of creating an email with Flodesk.
Why I left Convertkit for Flodesk | and indepth look at the behind the scenes of creating an email with Flodesk.

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