“Coworkers” stock photo collection

I thought of starting with the showcase from our oldest stock photo collections but I’ll just keep going back and then if a new collection pops up, I’ll be showcasing that one. The idea is to show our lovely members what’s waiting for them on the library and for those who have been on the fence, this is a peek inside the library!

[one_half][/one_half] How are our collections named

This collection is called “Coworkers”, and as you know I like giving all of my collections a name. Each set is shot with an inspiration behind, and when I set the vision board and finalize the creative direction, it has a name. So that’s how our collection names are born. Not that it’s a great name, in fact, some are quirky or silly, but the idea is to just differentiate each collection.

The Coworkers collection is perfect for those neutral, clean brands. Not too fem, not too masculine. The main pop of colors are green and pink/muted salmon. The green comes from a lot of greenery used in the set (hey there pretty monsteras!).




Take a peek inside the library and see the whole collection

This collection has a coordinating set of mockups, perfect for our Creator and Manager membership levels. You have enough details in this collection to create a perfectly curated feed, website or digital product. #Score.


Curious about the library? Check it out and you might find something you need. 💙 Our members renew quarterly so the commitment is not long, in case you wanted to test it out. In just 3 months you’ll have access to all the existing photos plus all the new collections. I think you might be surprised at everything you can find. Our goal is to always provide variety with a relaxed and lived in feel to fit multiple brand vibes and of course, you can always modify the images to make them truly perfect for your brand needs!


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