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How to ensure a seamless customer experience

“Do it for the ‘gram!” A few years ago this phrase would not have made a lick of sense but thankfully today, it does. In fact, today, it is actually quite crucial if you want to incorporate a seamless user experience.

Let me explain, Instagram is quite a pretty place, some of the top Instagram feeds provide awesome content but it’s that pretty feed that gets you really riled up. Now, imagine if your website was this pretty place where your ideal client just wanted to hang out all the time. That’d be perfect, right?

Cohesive visuals can get you there, my friend. Trust me, business profiles that look pretty also have detailed, strategic plans in place that ensures that seamless customer experience. Let’s dive into some of the ways that you can incorporate cohesive visuals that ensures a seamless customer experience.

Cohesive images

This one is pretty straightforward. Images that are done by a professional photographer capture all the right elements of your brand because they follow a strategic plan that ensures your visuals are showing up 100% of the time, cohesively. This ensures that customers can recognize your brand across all your platforms and not have your users move from your Instagram to your website and go, “That’s her?! No way!” Your visual content needs to reflect your brand persona no matter where you show up, it makes it easier for your ideal client to follow you around seamlessly and not have to worry about if they are still following the same person.

Multiple options with a unified view

Humans like to be presented with variety. Give your clients the option to explore various options while unconsciously not letting them forget that this is the exact same brand they are perusing by keeping the various packages in the same family of color.

This lets your ideal client know that you can cater to a variety of options while still keeping your brand consistent by having consistent tones and similar elements that create a harmonious feel.

Integrate offline with online

The client process doesn’t end once that client hits that buy now button. You have to take it one step further to ensure that your client comes back for a second and third time. So, when delivering your products, make sure your packaging, cards, and brochures align with your online visuals as well. So, if your feed is littered in pink then try to have your business cards match by having a splash of pink on an all-white card. You don’t want to go confusing your client as to why they are getting different visual content offline from what they are purchasing online. Make sure that you seamlessly integrate your offline content with what you are advertising online.

You have to strive to create a mutually rewarding and connected experience across all your channels and the easiest way to do this is by creating visuals that are cohesive across all brands.

Looking for some more quick tips to keep your visual content consistent? Head over to my Instagram where I help you find that perfect tone that can take you from soft and muted to super pop! And I do have a 1 hr free masterclass replay for you over here if you want to learn to apply it to your business.

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