“White Spa” Stock Photo Collection

White relaxing spa inspired photo collection[/one_half] This collection was inspired by the white candle in them. It has the yummiest “fresh linen” smell you can imagine. Seriously. Most of you have seen over in social media that I am a crunchy gal, I’ve changed many things in our home and in our care routine to be more natural. With some things I have had to settle for “well, at least it’s not that harmful.” And I mean, every little bit counts, right? Well, this collection was surely inspired by a spa day. You know, that amazing time you give yourself to soak in the tub, enjoy some quiet time… Sorry mamma, I know you need more of those.

It’s in our mission to provide more valuable content to make your life easier, so consider this collection an invitation to get less time curating a collection and thinking of how to get those perfectly styled self-care images, and just spend a little more time on you (and your kiddos, because I know there is no such thing as alone time in the tub.)

Take a peek inside the library’s new spa inspired stock photos

This is a big collection. No, not only because I know many of you wanted something like this (remember I keep track of theme suggestions you send over on DMs on Instagram!) but also because this is a 104 images collection. Yep, more than 100 images. And they include a variety of colors, all soft and neutral, but very easily adaptable to your brand.

Let’s take a look on video:

Who is this collection for

The reality is: This is not just for a particular profession. But this spa stock photo collection is certainly very well styled for wellness coaches, spa businesses, essential oils (yes, this is a clean candle from Gleam Living), natural skin care, natural or cleaner products brands and blogs, etc. There are really so many possibilities with this big collection. Do you have a favorite image so far? If you’re a library member, tell me! I’d love to see what you create with these. And I mean it, I want to be your biggest cheerleader, showcase your business and how you are using stock photography to enhance your brand and polish your look. You deserve a big shout out from the rooftops!

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Light white candle in a white bathroom

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